Lot 26 (2004 秋季拍賣會)
HUANG Ming Chang
Sea Series-Sailing
預估價 :
NTD 1,500,000 - 2,000,000
USD 44,144 - 58,858
成交價 :
NTD - 1,380,000
油彩 亞麻布
簽名:黃銘昌 Huang m. c. '03
112x162 cm

Oil on linen, framed
Signed〝Huang Mingchang〞in both Chinese and English, '03 on the stretcher

我童年在花蓮,太平洋遼闊的風光伴我渡過中學時光。這也是我一再描繪海洋,表達一份海闊天空情境的原因。豔陽下強韌的海風迎面拂來,透過如舞蹈般掀動的椰葉,可以看見一片蔚藍,波光粼粼的大海。畫面正中央,一點白帆,正迎風破浪而行。海天遼闊,令人心胸為之一暢。豐厚的藍,多變的綠;陽光、海風與波浪,交織成這典型的南島海景。                                                                                                                                                    -創作自述 / 黃銘昌2004年10月-

I had lived in Hua-Ling during my childhood. Through my high school years, I had a wonderful time there by the Pacific Ocean. That is why I always sketch the ocean in my paintings, to express the vast and open sky and ocean over and over. The ocean breezes through my face under sunshine, through the dancing coconut leaves, people could see the blue, shining ocean. There is a boat in the center of the painting cleaving the water. Ocean and sky make people feel so free and joyous. With the composition of deep blue and green, sunshine, ocean breezes and waves picture this typical southern ocean view.                                                                  Artist: Mr. Huang Mingchang, the narration of “Sea Series-Sailing”, October 2004